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A selection of animations of the wheel, showing the boat lift in action!

Completed Wheel AVIs

These excellent little full resolution AVI files were provided by Jim Swift, and they show the completed Wheel:
click to see AVI19th May 2002. A rotation of the "Fixed" view, 
click here to see the AVI [194kBytes]
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British Waterways have
disconnected the Webcam!
Use these AVI files to see
what it's really like! 

click to see AVI6th June 2002. A FULL ROTATION, including boats entering and exiting,
click here to see the AVI [635kBytes and well worth it!]
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Click to view animationFirst Wheel Rotation

This animation was recorded on the 25th October 2001, between 1635 and 1707.
Over the previous 2 days the wheel has rotated for the first time, it is now rotating backwards.
Recent rain has made the concrete and steel parts of the wheel appear as different shades of gray, giving the impression that this is a composite image, however this is a real rotation, unlike previous animations in this file.

 Click here to view animation [542Kbytes].

Click to view animationFirst Official Rotation

Although this view is not from the webcam, it is an animation of the first official rotation. With very little notice of this event I was unprepared. The animation is made of a number of images from slightly different positions (watch the foreground undergrowth move) and different cameras (the images had to be re-scaled, balanced, and rotated).
Also there was one bit of the rotation missing, look closely for the one false frame!
The full story of this rotation, on the 11th December 2001, is available.
Click here to view animation [110Kbytes].

click to view animationSimulation of Completed Wheel

Generated in October 2001, before we had the real thing to look at! 

The background, aqueduct, visitor center, and wheel supports are all taken from different webcam shots.

The basin and wheel itself are false, except for the horizontal wheel position, which was taken from September 2001.

The "beaks" and "axle" on the wheel are also false.

Click here to view animation [214Kbytes].

Falkirk Wheel Logo

A half resolution of this one appears on the Main Index Page, a cheeky little animation of one of the drafts for the Falkirk Wheel logo, however this one wasn't chosen. The animation was done by hand.

Animations created by James Gentles and Jim Swift