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Top 5 interest areas... Kite Aerial Photography Worked
all Munros!
Bible History Flowchart

a little more detail


Kite Aerial Photography

Find out about the equipment, technique, and see the gallery.

Worked all Munros!

The story of Amateur Radio from all of Scotland's 278 Munros.

Millennium Link

The record of the revival of Scotland's lowland canals.

Programs for the HP48

A small selection of programs & utilities for the HP48 calculator.

Bible History Flowchart

Where did the Bible we read today come from?


Welcome to Our Website!


This domain hosts a number of diverse sites, each representing a different topic that has been explored. They date back to the 1990s, so presentation and style vary considerably!
Use the links to go to the area that interests you.



So, what's the connnection?


This domain contains a strange mixture of material, as my interests have been varied over the years. If there is any theme maybe it's the combining of 2 persuits to do something novel. Or perhaps the exploration of the boundaries between the arts and engineering?

I hope you find something here interesting or informative.


Remote photographers produce stunning results!


Whilst this is the fun site we have another area for our business - manufacturing the camera remote control equipment which can be used in Kite Aerial Photography but has many other uses:

  1. gentLED
  2. gentWIRE
  3. clickPAN
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